Reasons Adults Should Consider Clear Aligners for Teeth Straightening

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Clear aligners are one of the most popular forms of teeth straightening for adults. Although many adults have heard about clear aligners, some are less familiar with why they are such a popular option and the benefits they can provide for adults. This review discusses those benefits to help you decide if treatment is right for you.

Orthodontic care for adults: what are the benefits of clear aligners?

Clear aligners are an effective and convenient option for straightening your smile. Additionally, they are discreet, and no one is likely to notice you are wearing them unless you tell them. On average, patients also enjoy faster treatment times and are able to keep their smiles straight for decades.

Clear aligners are effective

The most important benefit of clear aligners is that they work. Patients can trust that they will love the results of treatment, and it can correct most mild to moderately misaligned teeth and jaw misalignments. Most patients report a much higher level of confidence in their smile by achieving optimal alignment through clear aligner treatment for teeth straightening, and it can also help the patient maintain optimal oral health.

Clear aligners can be removed at any time

Another notable benefit of clear aligners is that they are removable, whereas braces cannot be removed by the patient. Of course, this also comes with an added level of responsibility as the patient must wear them for at least 20 to 22 hours each day, but the ability to remove them while eating or practicing oral care can be a huge advantage for many patients.

Clear aligners are essentially invisible

The primary reason many patients choose clear aligners over braces is that the clear aligners, as the name implies, are essentially invisible. They are transparent (clear) and not noticeable by others, which means you can straighten your smile discreetly. This is particularly useful for adults as they can maintain a natural and professional smile throughout treatment.

You can finish your treatment faster with clear aligners

On average, patients finish their treatment plan faster with clear aligners, compared with the average time of treatment for adults who choose braces for orthodontic treatment. In fact, some patients complete treatment in as little as six months.

The results of clear aligners last for a long time

The longevity of the results that are achieved depends largely on how well the patient follows the post-care plan (i.e. wearing their retainer), but most patients who follow their post-treatment plan in an optimal manner are able to maintain the results of clear aligners treatment for decades.

Clear aligners are often more affordable

Another notable benefit of clear aligners for teeth straightening is that they are often more affordable. This is due to several factors. First, as discussed, patients typically enjoy shorter treatment times when compared with braces, which helps keep costs lower. Additionally, fewer visits are often required to ensure successful orthodontic treatment. Patients are typically able to keep their smile clean as well since the aligners are removable, so there is less of a need for cosmetic procedures and treatments after clear aligners.

Clear aligners vs. braces: which option is best for adults?

As discussed, both braces and clear aligners are viable and proven options for adult orthodontic care. The right choice for you depends on the severity of the misalignment you wish to address, your goals for treatment, and your personal preference. Those who prefer a more discreet treatment option that gives them the freedom to remove the aligners periodically may prefer clear aligners if the misalignment is mild or moderate. Severe misalignments may require braces.

Adult orthodontic care is typically recommended when an adult patient is not happy with the appearance of their smile due to a misalignment of their teeth/and or jaw. In other cases, adults choose orthodontic care to achieve a more professional-looking smile for their career. There are also health benefits of clear aligners treatment as well, which are due to an easier ability to keep teeth clean due to proper alignment.

Get started with clear aligners for teeth straightening

The first step to a straighter smile with clear aligners is to schedule a consultation visit with a dental professional such as an orthodontist. If you are an adult (or younger patient) who is interested in clear aligners, then call us or send us a message. We can find a convenient time for you to come in and meet with our friendly orthodontic team

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