Orthodontist Treatments for Crowded Teeth

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Crowded teeth, in which too-closely spaced teeth result in overlapping, bunching, and twisting, can be both an aesthetic and a practical problem. An orthodontist may recommend several treatments to reduce crowding and improve tooth alignment.

What causes crowded teeth?

Genetics are a major factor in whether an individual has crowded teeth. Some individuals have unusually large teeth or atypically small jaws, which can lead to crowding as adult teeth grow in. Crowding can also result due to abnormalities around loss of baby teeth, including losing baby teeth unusually early or having baby teeth fail to fall out in a standard fashion. In some cases, crowding can be the result of prior injury or unique dietary habits.

The type of tooth crowding is distinct for different individuals. Crowding can be either mild, moderate, or severe. In cases of mild crowding, only one tooth is improperly rotated; in cases of severe crowding, this may apply to the majority of teeth in the mouth.

How can orthodontic treatment fix crowded teeth?

An orthodontist is a dental professional who focuses on misalignment in the teeth and jaw. Orthodontists use various techniques to treat teeth crowding, depending on the nature and severity of a specific patient's issue. 


Braces are among the most common and well-known methods of treating crowded teeth. In their most typical form, metal braces involve brackets bonded to teeth, connected by wires, and may include supplementary features, such as rubber bands. Individuals of any age may wear braces, but they are particularly common in adolescents, when jaws and facial bone structure are developing. Braces may be worn for anywhere from several months to several years, depending on the seriousness of an individual's misalignment.


Retainers are custom-made devices, often made of plastic and wire, designed to hold teeth in place. While retainers can be helpful in managing mild crowding and are frequently prescribed after braces are removed, they are insufficient to address more serious teeth crowding.

Clear aligners

Clear aligners are an alternative to braces that have grown in popularity over the last several decades. These plastic trays are worn for most of the day and, like standard metal braces, work to correct teeth crowding. Their removable and transparent nature makes them popular as a less visible form of teeth correction.


Veneers are composite additions to teeth that essentially provide a more aligned appearance. However, veneers do not significantly move teeth and are unlikely to affect substantial crowding.

Dentofacial orthopedics

Dentofacial orthopedics comprise more intense interventions for severe crowding issues. Treatments may include headgear, or in some cases, oral surgery.


An orthodontist can be very helpful in addressing issues around tooth crowding. It is important to remember that crowded teeth are not just an aesthetic issue; crowding can lead to gum and mouth diseases, jaw strain, headaches, and even problems with basic functions like chewing and speaking. Individuals who are struggling with teeth crowding should consult an orthodontist to discuss available treatment options.

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